When personal data isn’t.


This post delves into the following concerns:

  • Informed consent — Organisations use Twitter data, without informing users.
  • Anonymity — User’s content has a high risk of reidentification.
  • Right to withdraw — Users have no ability to revoke scraped data.

Twitter can solve these problems. Academia could help set a precedent…

Opinion data on a platter

When we try to analyse an individual we have access to a snapshot of who this person is. We could collect quantitative data on ages, sex, family details, salary and beyond. While these data points are valuable, they only capture a part of an individuals’ complicated history and limitless potential.

Photo by Solen Feyissa from Pexels

Sensitive data, without the sensitivities.

Synthetic data is an upcoming technology in the data industry. There are many reasons to explore synthetic data, which I will go into shortly.

Sometimes the most effective way to collect more data is to make it yourself.

Green Matrix style falling text
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A computer program manufactures synthetic data. We no longer measure real-world events…

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Recently some friends and I have been talking about starting a company together. We still aren’t sure what that looks like and our product changes every week. We are hitting some problems around trust, and how you make a product trusted enough to convert. …

Pick a topic you can discuss at length

I have been thinking about what blog post to write next. People have asked me how I bring myself to write a blog post. People have asked me how to get started once I pick a topic. …

Does a generic competency test have a place in your interview?

A kata is a take-home task provided by a company as part of the interview process.

Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash

In all sorts of roles, this is a common part of the process. In Front-End it may be building a website. In Data Science it may be something like “find three insights”. In Marketing…

Make Twitter work for you.

Put the work in and Twitter will work for you.

When we own a product it’s beneficial to build trust with a community. Users often check Twitter accounts to gauge the maturity of a product. …

life is too short to give your time to a company that gives no time to you.

This post is a written version of a talk I give. Slides here. If you would like me to give this talk contact me here.

This is a sad story of how my first job in web development treated me, and what I learnt from it. …

Joseph Allen

Manchester based Data Scientist, Digital Artist, Front-End Dev

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