Opinion data on a platter

Joseph Allen, a Research Associate at the UKDS, discusses why we use Twitter data for research.

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  • That our data is recent enough to affect upcoming policy.
  • Our individuals told the truth, to us and themselves. Pessimists might downplay the impact of a diet. Many of us would overstate the amount of exercise we do.
  • Events outside our dataset are…

Sensitive data, without the sensitivities.

The benefits and methods of synthetic data generation

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My Day 1 Setup

Set up your development environment for data

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“Sorry, I got too excited”, the recruiter blabbered.

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“Sorry, I got too excited”

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

How do you make a product trusted enough to convert?

Joe’s Triangle of Success

Pick a topic you can discuss at length

People have asked me how to get started once I pick a topic.

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Does a generic competency test have a place in your interview?

A kata is a take-home task provided by a company.

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Make Twitter work for you.

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life is too short to give your time to a company that gives no time to you.

My experience as an intern Web Developer in Manchester

How I hired a Data Scientist.

The industry doesn’t know how to hire Data Scientist’s, here is how I do it.

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  • Communicate their problems and decisions.
  • Program.
  • Visualize and investigate data.
  • Shape a dataset and manage storage and transformation.
  • Make meaningful predictions…

Joseph Allen

Manchester based Data Scientist, Digital Artist, Front-End Dev

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