Make Twitter work for you.

Put the work in and Twitter will work for you.

When we own a product it’s beneficial to build trust with a community. Users often check Twitter accounts to gauge the maturity of a product. It can appear jarring to follow too many people, not tweet enough or not have a nice profile picture.

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Twitter is a great platform if you want somewhere where you can repeat yourself.


At a low level, you need some followers to appear valid. The number of followers you have isn’t a useful goal. The goal isn’t to hit 1000 followers or gain 25 followers this week. The goal is to:

  • Reach a point where you aren’t aiming for more followers.
  • Have relevant content tweeted at you.
  • Have followers who engage with you and your content.


If you follow 100 people on Twitter, a small percentage will follow you back. You can then unfollow them and repeat this process daily. This is called Churning. At a glance, this sounds negative. If you build video games, and you churn the followers of a game studio you are likely to get followed back. People who like video games are more likely to like your product than people who study Japanese.

Find similar Twitter accounts and follow their most recent followers.


Your ratio is the number of people you are following, divided by the number of people who follow you. How would you feel seeing a restaurant that follows 1000 people and has 5 followers? Do you trust them?

Try to keep the number of people you follow low.


Make sure in the early days you tweet. Having 0 tweets discourages new followers. As this is Twitter, you can get away with repeating yourself. If your followers have already seen it they won’t mind seeing it again. Chances are they missed it last time. It looks good to have consistent and recent tweets.

A good ratio is 1 tweet per follower you have.


As you grow you will transition to organic means of gaining followers. Stop churning when you get this audience engagement. Only follow people that are beneficial to you or provide relevant content for your followers.

If you follow everybody your own feed will become useless.



You can get tools that will follow and unfollow for you. I use Mass Follow for Twitter.


I recommend Buffer which allows you to schedule posts. Buffer supports many social media platforms so you can post to LinkedIn, Facebook and more. This scheduling is how you can stop checking Twitter every day. Queue up 10 posts and forget about it until next week. It’s also free!

Thanks for reading, if you want me to run your Twitter get in touch on my website.

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