Pick a topic you can discuss at length

How to write a blog post

People have asked me how to get started once I pick a topic.

I have been thinking about what blog post to write next. People have asked me how I bring myself to write a blog post. People have asked me how to get started once I pick a topic. So here it is, the meta “How to write a blog post” blog post.

First of all, you need to pick a topic you can discuss at length, something you could talk about for five minutes. This is the hard part. I am confident you already can write about something you know. My process is as follows.

Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

You need a text editor. Open it up and write out a quick bullet point list of the structure of your post. I would suggest enough to prompt you if you lose flow. Here is the one I used for this post:

  • White font on a white screen
  • Review, spellcheck and grammar
  • Write introductions to summarise
  • Hemingway App
  • Read it out loud

Next set the text colour to white on a white background. This takes care of your biggest enemy. Yourself. Write without worrying about spelling, grammar. The white font helps you reach flow state writing in your natural style of voice. If you make a mistake keep writing, don’t try to backspace or tidy as you go.

If you need some more immense pressure check out “The Most Dangerous Writing App”. This website deletes content if you stop writing for a moment.

Next, turn all the text back to black and proofread the content. Tidy up the mess of ideas. This is the time to comb through and delete anything irrelevant and tidy up long-running sentences.

At this point, you know what you wrote about, and you understand your own post. Write an introduction outlining why you felt the need to write this and summarise this blog post.

Next another website recommendation, HemingwayApp. Academia teaches us to use a cumbersome vernacular to appear astute (or complicate our language when writing accessible content). Hemingway app flags hedging, softening language and omits complicated words.

Once you are happy I would recommend posting to Medium. Find a relevant royalty-free image from a website such as Pexels.

Finally read through one last time out loud to make sure it reads in your tone. Simplify any sentence you stumble over.

I hope this helps somebody and good luck!

Manchester based Data Scientist, Digital Artist, Front-End Dev

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